All boats must be free of Zebra mussels (ZM). A ZM form must be filled out and handed in (form is included in your packet) when you bring your boat to the Stockbridge Bowl boat ramp on Sunday morning.


Paddlers Instructions

Attached to your number is a zebra mussel certification form which must be filled out and handed in when you bring your boat to the boat ramp Sunday morning.

Where to park your car: Leave your boat at the ramp in the morning (before 8:00am) then drive to the Tanglewood Lion’s Gate parking lot and drive as far down the lot as you can. Look for signs telling you where to park. There is NO PARKING PAST THE YELLOW CAUTION TAPE. This lot is near the take-out beach and is reserved for bringing boats to your car after the race. Walk back up the road, there is a shortcut through the woods on your left to take you back to Route 183 and back to the boat ramp. The shortcut will be marked. Allow at least 30 minutes to walk back to the boat ramp area.


Numbers go on the middle of each side of a two-person canoe, a little forward of middle for a single canoe. Kayakers and SUP’s, please place the numbers where they can be seen.

  • Pin-on bib number goes on FRONT of BOW paddler’s life jacket.
  • Attach whistle to your lifejacket, to be used for emergency only.
  • Paddlers getting the wristband: do NOT carry paddles or other objects that can get in the way of bikers and other racers. Please do not obstruct the path of bikers heading to the transition area and do not run into the pack of bikers to get your wristband-this is dangerous to the bikers.
  • Remove any old Josh numbers or other race numbers from your boat.
  • Over the shoulder Coast Guard approved life jackets must be worn in all boats and on all boards during warm-up and the entire race.  Inflatable life jackets are not allowed.
  • Race Staff will be available at boat ramp to help carry boats to the water.
  • Race Course: stay to the right of the large orange buoys or you will be disqualified. Course is 1 ¾ laps counter clockwise around the lake (5 miles).
  • SUP’s must have a leash, and you must use them.
  • Tanglewood Beach boat take-out: Race Staff will help you carry your boat from the beach to a drop area just outside the beach. You can drive your car to this area to pick up your boat.

Safety boats are on the lake if you have a problem. They have large red cross flags on them. If you tip over, swim to shore if you can, if not, they will help right your boat. You are not disqualified if you flip over.

Thanks for coming…have fun, have a great race!