Bike Race Guidelines

Write your name and contact information on the back of your number
Roads are NOT closed to cars, use caution when racing.  Stay to the right of the yellow/white line in the road—this is the  Yellow Line Rule

  • NO iPods, MP3 players, Earphones, Earbuds or Aero Bars
  • The ‘sticky’ frame number has the timing chip–it goes on the bike frame (see timing chip instructions), the bib number goes on the middle of your upper back (and on top of any camelbacks) so we can see it.


Bike line-up at the race start
Bikers will line up according to their realistic estimated finish time. There will be an ‘elite’ pen in front for bikers with Category 1-4 licenses, or, who have finished in the top 25 of bikers last year in the Josh. Signs will designate different finish times so please line up accordingly. This is for YOUR safety.

These are town roads and the surface in areas may be patched and rough so always use caution!

  1. Yellow line rule is in effect from Great Barrington to Route 183 in Lenox. This means that you should not cross the center road line anywhere on the course. Police or volunteers direct traffic at major intersections. Cars will be on the roads so use caution.
  2. Helmets are mandatory.
  3. The biker rides through the timing posts on Rt. 183 before the hand-off to the paddlers. Slow down after going through the timing posts until you reach your paddler.
  4. There will be a sweep vehicle and medical support on the course.
  5. If you see a medical problem, call 911, state the town, the Berkshires, and the Josh or, call 413-441-4787 (Lucy Britton, the medical coordinator)
  6. Finish Area: See MAP…
  • Bikers handing off wristband to paddlers go STRAIGHT AHEAD
  • Ironpeople and bikers who are also paddling go LEFT to access Transition Area
  • Biking only- not paddling: After handing off your wristband to your paddler, exit the finish line quickly by proceeding straight ahead. Then…after finishing, WALK your bike and STAY BEHIND THE orange cones if you are going back up the hill. This is a safety issue so you are not in the way of bikers coming down the road.

Most important, please be courteous.

This race is supposed to be challenging and fun. Aggressive and unsafe bike handling is not compatible with this goal.

Have a safe ride!