Course Records

Canoe Division

TEAM: High Lawn Farm: Sean Nealy, Bob Rapant, Steve Galib, David Ward 2:15:55
Girlzilla:  Jenny Ives, Laura Walton, Gloria Wesley, Jenny Stevens  2:33:46   (2012)

IRONMAN: Tom Keefe  2:41:06  (2007)

IRONWOMAN: Kari Crowe 2:51:35  (2002)

Kayak Division

TEAM: Vermont Sports Connection: Kevin Bessett, Clyde Yarnell, Mike Malley, Binney Mitchell  2:24:16  (2012)
The New Crew:  Frances Morrison, Debra Wechter, Michelle Kroboth  2:48:30  (2010)

IRONMAN:  Kent Lemme 2:35:23 (2013)

IRONWOMAN: Kari Crowe 2:55:42  (2009)

Paddleboard Division

TEAM:  Berkshire Outfitters: Dan Celentano, Josh Chittenden, Max Dilthey  2:59:18  (2013)

IRONMAN PADDLEBOARD: Relentless Forward Progress:  Logan Wilson 3:01:38

IRONWOMAN PADDLEBOARD: Thanks to the Wild One: Nadine Atalla  4:00:24

4 Person Canoe

TEAM:  Going C4:  Brock Anello, Gloria Wesley, Gary Aprea, Megan Anello  2:41:28